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Young Vision Surf School

Young Vision Surf School

Montezuma‘s most fun surf instructors, the “Young Vision” guys are a perfect example of Costa Rica‘s famous Pura Vida attitude.

Young Vision’s instructors used to work for a surf school in another part of Costa Rica, but decided to strike out on their own, creating their surf school that now operates in the Montezuma area, giving private classes and working for various hotels and resorts such as Anamaya. All their instructors have now also received certification in CPR and lifesaving skills, and by the time you read this, will probably be certified nature guides as well.

A day of surfing with Young Vision is guaranteed to be a truly great day, with lots of laughter and fun in addition to the surf lessons.

The Young Vision Surf School is operated and owned by Alvaro Dormus and Manuel Cespedes.

Contact Info:

Phone 8669-6835
Young Vision Facebook Page: Facebook Young Vision

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