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Tierra y Fuego – The Best Italian Cuisine In Town!

Montezuma, a Costa Rican town, is a bit of paradise that is surrounded by the jungle and lush gardens making the location extremely dreamy. It is the perfect escape for all the people out there who wish to have a carefree and beautiful vacation in a location as perfect as this one. The Tico night life and parties, great shopping centres, silvery smooth beaches and many restaurants are an integral part of Montezuma. There is a great expanse of sunkissed golden beaches which are ideal spots for picnics, passionate strolls, sun-bathing and endless sports and activities. The turquiose ocean is known for its foaming surf breaks, breezy kayaking, and boating, snorkeling spots, deep-sea fishing, surfing and much more! So when you think you have had an adventure and relaxed enough in nature’s warm light and lush greenery, Montezuma’s restaurants are at your footsteps. Take in the beauty, the puffs of tantalizing aroma coming from the restaurant kitchen, which are nestled in the jungles teeming with diverse wildlife, and immerse your heart and soul in the resplendent surroundings.

Located high up in the lush hills of Delicias, behind the beautiful Montezuma,  Tierra y Fuego is a classy little restaurant owned and run by lovely Italian couple who also have a farm from where fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are hand-picked to be used as ingredients in this restaurant. The Italian cuisine served here is one of the best in Montezuma, and the food, which is prepared in a homely manner with care and excellence, is succulent and utterly satisfying.

The Tierra e Fuego restaurant is spacious with beautiful, hand-crafted chairs and tables made from tropical wood. The surrounding garden is full of lively colors and creatures. The wood-fired ovens are gorgeous. At the Tierra y Fuego,  wood-fired ovens are used for baking. All meals served are aromatic, tasty, and in generous amounts. The view from this peaceful spot is breath-taking. The fructiferous  greenery and the panoramic views of the surroundings make the meals at this restaurants more than exquisite. The exotic flowers, vibrant flora and fauna, and the serene aura lend a mystic charm to this place.

The customers who dine at this restaurant can order from a menu of various Italian dishes. Focaccia bread is sizzling hot, every serving is home-made, from the delectable sauces to the ambrosial pastas. The pizzas in this snug restaurant is the best in the whole of Montezuma and even perhaps the best in Costa Rica! It is baked to perfection in a very real wood-fired pizza oven. The lasagne and pastas are slathered with tantalizing taste and are one of the dishes that all pasta lovers must give a shot.

The staff is friendly and welcoming. The owners, Pepe and Monica, are a sweet Italian couple, are warm and make sure that the customers dine with a smile and leave with satisfaction. The price is very reasonable. All the décor and furnishing is hand-crafted and highly maintained. The restaurant is on the periphery of the town, therefore there aren’t many tourists here. The quiet and seclusion, along with the heavenly views, makes Tierra y Fuego the perfect restaurant for romantic dinners with fine Italian cuisine. The restaurant is good for honeymooners, lovers, friends, families, and lone diners.

A little drive up the verdant hills of the Costa Rican town, Montezuma, is required to get their. Taxis can be hired for this purpose. However, the drive and distance are completely worth the great food served at the Tierra y Fuego restaurant. So, head over to this rustic little place to take a bite of the juiciest pizza outside of Italy. Roast chicken and ribeye are also well-known amongst the diners who eat at this restaurant. Truly, Tierra y Fuego will leave you craving for more!

Location : Montezuma, Costa Rica.
Hours Of Operation :
Friday, Saturday :
from 5 pm to 10 pm
Sundays :
form 12 pm to 10 pm
Price : $6 – $18
Mode Of Payment : Cash Only.
Cuisine : Italian Cuisine.
Specialities : Italian Dishes, Cheese, Cold Cuts, Wood-Fired Pizzas, Home-Made Pasta, Grilled Chicken, Pasta.
Amenities : Child-Friendly, Fresh Organic Produce, Wood-Fired Ovens, Seclusion
Contact :
Telephone : 00506 26421593
Website : Not Available

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