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Cocolores – Enjoy A Romantic Dinner!

Nestled snugly at the lovely water-edge of Montezuma, Cocolores is a chic, beach-front restaurant in Costa Rica that is perfect for couples and honeymooners seeking romantic dinners. Owned by the sweet Florenicia and Massimiliano, Cocolores is one of the top most restaurants in this Costa Rican paradise. Everything at Cocolores, from ambrosial food, the intimate melodies, the subtly romantic décor the breeze from the turquoise waves rising and ebbing mystically and rhythmically at close distance from the table you dine on is simply charming.

A little drop of heaven, Montezuma, is all about tropical jungle pregnant with rare fauna, and lush gardens blooming dreamily with exotic fragrances and flora. The dreaminess, and the vibrancy  though at different extremes, are at perfect balance in this Costa Rican respite. This place is the perfect get-away for all those out there who dream and which to spend carefree and soulful vacation in a location as perfect as this one.  Immerse into the beauty, the whiff the aroma making its way from the restaurant kitchen into your nostril, and lose your heart and soul in the breathtaking surroundings.

Cocolores is secret heaven in the already heavenly vacation spot, Montezuma, Costa Rica. The cuisine at Cocolores spans several continents and is therefore international. From the exotic Thai dishes and juicy Mexican delights to ambrosial Greek and sizzling Italian meals, every dish is one of a kind with a flavourful succulence. There is also a hint of French and Tico-fusion influence in the cuisine.

Known as the restaurant with the best romantic ambience in Montezuma that provides perfection in romantic candle-lit dinners, Cocolores has its very own admirable thatched-roof patio for the most sentimental and passionate feasts. The top favourites and special dishes at Cocolores include the deliciously divine curry and coconut shrimp accompanied with spicy mango chutney. Cocolores, is an intimate little restaurant with only 12 tables, therefore it is essential for the diners to arrive early in order to avoid waiting in long lines. Indeed, it is a sign of it unparalleled quality when it comes to restaurants, as getting a table at Cocolores is quite challenging.

The music makes a delicate dreamy atmosphere. All the tables provide a foreign, exotic feeling. The tropical beaches, the twinkling stars, and gazing from the top at the blinking yellow lantern path below is as enchanting as it gets. The bread that is served is hot, aromatic, and fresh from the oven. Home-made bread at its best, indeed. Crisp white napkins folded and kept in conch shells are present of the table.Cocolores serves the best cerviche in town with fresh, raw fish, marinated and seasoned in tangy citrus juice, and spiced with herbs peppers, onion, and salt in just the right and perfect amounts. Different fish are used for cerviche, these include Mahi Mahi, Sharks, and Marlin. Vinegar may be used instead of the citrus obtained from lime and lemon. Banana and coconut curries with either fish or chicken are also popular dishes that guests love at Cocolores. Side orders include mashed potatoes, chutneys, and fruits. The steak at Cocolores is another fantastic item on their menu.

The portions are big and utterly satisfying. An evening spent dining at Cocolores is a must for all lovers who travel to Montezuma. Whether you seek to bring the sparks back into your love, re-build a broken relationship, get intimate with your new spouse, or create ever-lasting bonds and memories, Cocolores will end up giving all romancers the precious moments that they deserve to live with their true love. Dinner at Cocolores restaurant is a wonderful experience before the honeymooners venture off into an enchanted night of their own!

Location: Behind Hotel Pargo Feliz, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Price range: 4000 to 11,000 Costa Rican colón
Operating Hours : 5 pm to 10 pm. Closed on Mondays.
Cuisines: Eclectic; International – a selection of Thai, Mexican, Greek and Italian food
Good for: Romance, Couples
Dining options: Dinner, Late Night, Candle-Light Dinners
Features : Beach-front Hotel, Lantern-Lit Path, Tranquillity
Telephone: 642-0348
Email: Not available
Website: Not available

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