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Yoga for Surfers: A Great Way to Prepare for the Waves

Yoga for Surfing - how to warm up before you hit the waves

Riding rough waves in the sea is a physically demanding task. However, it can be an enjoyable and relaxing activity when done properly. Individuals who are able to keep their body fit and healthy can easily ride the toughest waves. To keep the body agile and responsive, it is common for surfers to practice yoga before going into the sea. This form of exercises has been practiced for centuries and is known for its many benefits. It includes a number of stretching exercises that initially seem difficult to do but can be done by most individuals. Yoga for surfers is practiced for improving both physical and mental health. It not only helps increase the core strength, balance and flexibility in the body but also improves mental alertness.

On the beaches of Costa Rica, it’s common to find surfers doing different types of yoga poses before hitting the waves. While surfing itself is a tough exercise, yoga helps prepare the body for such a demanding adventure. The poses help the person concentrate on the task ahead and keep mind calm. The biggest advantage of it is that the person learns how to control breathing. The practice proves beneficial during surfing. Overall, it helps improve not only the body posture but also the self-confidence. The yoga for surfers ensures that the person is completely in control of the body and can easily ride the toughest of waves.

Board surfing in Cost Rica is a challenging and fun activity. It presents an opportunity to enjoy the sparkling clean water and warm sun. It is a great way to leave everyday personal and professional works and join the nature. At the same time, before entering the sea, it is important to have the required strength and balance in the body. This can be achieved easily by doing yoga for surfers exercises. There are many asanas in yoga that prepare the mind and body for such a physically demanding activity.

The extreme maneuverings during surfing means the person must have strong abdominal muscles. Surfing involves continuous balancing of the body which is easier when the person has practiced muscle strengthening exercises. Yoga involves pre-surfing exercises that properly warm-up the whole body. These stretching exercises let the body improve stamina and strength without feeling tired. After going through initial warm-up asanas, the person can go for more challenging poses. When main exercises are over, the body must be put through some relaxation poses. The breathing exercises are an important part of yoga asanas. These asanas help improve lung capacity and the surfer learns to control breathing.

Yoga for Surfers

This type of yoga for surfers can be done for a minimum of twenty minutes to a maximum of an hour. Yoga enhances the capacity of the body to really enjoy the surfing. It is a wellness and holistic conditioning regimen that greatly improves the surfing performance. The body feels nourished and revitalized. The person gains more endurance and stamina to keep surfing for hours without feeling tired and exhausted. Surfing is not only about extreme physical activity; it is also about concentration and remaining focused during surfing. Yoga for surfers is perfect for this purpose because it connects with both body and mind.

Only a person who is sure of his or her physical strength and capability can stay in control even while riding the roughest waves. Yoga for surfers teaches participants to enjoy every moment of surfing. While it is important to do warm-up exercises before entering the sea, it is also necessary to cool down after surfing by doing relaxation exercises. Some people think that yoga involves difficult-to-do stretches and body positions. However, beginners have to start with simple poses. Thereafter, the more challenging poses can be done without much effort. Its learning is a gradual process that should be done under the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.

While yoga for surfers is beneficial, there are some important issues that must be kept in mind. Individuals who have some kind of mobility issues or health problems should do these exercises only after consulting their doctor. The instructor should be informed beforehand about these issues. The yoga classes are more enjoyable when the person is wearing proper clothing. The clothing materials should keep moisture away and let the person feel dry during exercises. Cloths with fastenings, seams and patterns on the back should be avoided. Stretchable cloths are perfect for this purpose. There is need to remain hydrated and not cross the physical limit.

Surf Camps

Costa Rica surf camps have proved a great way to get away from the daily chores of life. These camps can be booked online and can be joined by a beginner or professional. This type of accommodations are often part of travel package. It’s a nice way to combine the adventure of surfing with other activities. There are many surfing hot spots in Costa Rica. The Guanacaste and Central Pacific have several excellent surfing locations. For surfing activities, there are many beaches in Guanacaste. For year round favorable surfing conditions in Montezuma, Playa Grande is considered the best place.

In the southern area of Costa Rica, there is Pavones Beach that is more suitable for professionals. The advanced surfers also love surfing in Playa del Coco at Ollie’s Point and Witches Rock. For beginners, Tamarindo is a good place to start. Surf camps in Costa Rica generally last 3-4 weeks. Depending on the time of the year and the number of people in the group, it is possible to get discounts. When it comes to yoga for surfers, these camps are a good way to learn the asanas. It is important to check beforehand whether the camp has a yoga instructor and the package includes yoga classes with the surfing training.

The free waves of Costa Rica call to all the surfers whether they are amateur or professional. The country has preserved its flora and fauna. Its beaches and water remain clean and free from usual contaminates which is the case at many high traffic surfing beaches. The environmental beauty has been preserved by both government as well as private businesses that operate here. This is because tourism is the mainstay of Costa Rica’s economy. All the lush greenery and pristine beaches can be enjoyed best when the tour is combined with a yoga regimen.

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