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The Bakery Cafe – A Scrumptious Delight!

The Bakery Cafe

The Bakery Cafe in Montezuma is known not just for its food, but for the ravenous bluejays and monkeys that come to the restaurant to beg for food from the guests.

Montezuma is a beautiful and vibrant Costa Rican town in the province of Puntarenas, on the gorgeous coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Thousands of people flock to this tropical paradise from all around the world for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. Here in this pristine tropical town people find the utopia of relaxation along with endless opportunities for real adventures and fun. Of the many amusements that Montezuma is filled with, the most popular are sea sports that include scuba diving into the depths of the ultramarine waters to get a glimpse of the exotic creatures and the colorful reefs, surfing amidst the breeze and the waves, taking passionate strolls in the sandy beaches with your true love, and exploring the wildlife and mystical waterfalls of Montezuma. Without any doubt, the gorgeous beaches underneath the sultry sun, the hip, bohemian air, and the cool oceanic breeze makes Costa Rica one of the best vacation spots for getting lost in the rich nets of leafy jungles flourishing with wildlife.

The Bakery Cafe is located past Chicos, on the road to Playa Montezuma. It a dainty restaurant nestled in a cover of fructiferous greenery. It is famous in the town for opening as early as six in the morning and loved by the locals for its mouth-watering fresh bakery goods. The Bakery Cafe is classy with a tasteful ambience. It is has the perfect view as well to spot the wonderful wildlife Costa Rica is known for. White-faced monkey, Capuchin monkeys, Howler monkeys, Coatis, and Iguanas frolic around the cafe and put on a great show for the guests. Additionally, there are also adorable cats, dogs, horses, and chirpy little blue and white birds that will join guests for meals. However, take care and keep an eye on your meals as they like you sneak up, take away or fly off with the food.

The Bakery Cafe is classy and the atmosphere is snug, homely, and clean. It is serves great food for a very reasonable price along with quite a nice, laid-back service. It is perfect for young and old couples, honeymooners, tourists, friends, and for those who want to dine by themselves. The tables have maps and wildlife charts on them while the walls are painted with lovely sceneries. The restaurant is air-conditioned with free WiFi throughout the property.

The menu consists of:

Fresh bakery goods
Delicious chicken empanada,
Fine sandwiches with a variety of fillings,
Flavoured breads, like banana bread.

Chocolate, Strawberry, and Coconut cakes,
Chocolate éclairs,
A variety of pastries,
Ice cream,

A whole range of coffees.

Fresh Produce and Drinks:
Local fresh fruits and vegetables,
Yummy milkshakes and smoothies,
Fresh juices,
Granola yoghurt and fruit and with oat.

Coconut shrimp,
Scrumptious Thai and Indian curries,
Palak paneer,
Chicken with rice,

and much more.

At this restaurant, across Cocolores, downtown Montezuma, the staff is courteous and very accommodating. They not only welcome you, seat you, help you out with placing your order, and serve you, but they also keep an eye on the cats and monkeys when possible. The food is prepared with great care and hygiene using the freshest of organic produce which is hand-picked  However, recently new management took over and there have been some unsatisfied customers. Another thing customers should keep in mind is that The Bakery Cafe, one of the top restaurants in Montezuma, operates with calm in Tico time. It is not a fast food restaurant, but is a place where customers can enjoy, bond, and talk while they wait for meals to be served!

Location : Montezuma, Costa Rica.
Price : 2500 to  5200 Costa Rican colón.
Hours of Operation : 6 am to 10 pm
Cuisine  : International Dishes ( Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, American )
Best Time To Dine : Breakfast.
Specialties : Fresh Baked Goods, Coffees,  Coconut Shrimp, Omelettes, Pancakes, Fresh Banana Bread, and French Toast.
Options : Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Dinner, Tour Organization, Free WiFi.
Patio : Yes.
Ambience & Decoration : Pristine Nature, Laid-Back And Friendly Atmosphere.
Suitable for : Couples, Families, Group Of Friends, Local Cuisine, Child Friendly.
Contact :
Telephone : 2642-0458
Email :