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Romelia Wildlife Reserve
























Created in October, 1997, the Romelia Wildlife Reserve was made with a purpose of providing protection to the tropical forest as well as beach locations on the Nicoya Peninsula. the Romelia Wildlife Reserve is situated on the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula which makes it the ideal location in terms of the climate and geography.

The location is definitely prime, since the area is also a buffer zone which includes the Cabo Blanco Reserve, Nicholas Weisberg Absolute Nature Reserve and the Nicoya Peninsula Protected Area. This area is packed with biodiversity and ecological enthusiasts will not go a day without cherishing the abundance of nature here. The protected area here was made in order to meet with the needs of the nearby people for research as well as recreation, sustainable utilization of these wonderful resources and environmentally educating the young and the old. It is important for today’s generation especially to educate themselves about ecological matters and be aware of the harmful activities that are being done to the atmosphere nowadays.

Sea turtles are a legacy from prehistoric times and hence highly important to protect and to preserve. Hence in 2009, ASVO started to work at the Romelia National Wildlife Refuge in order to help these little creatures survive. The aim was to evaluate as well as help protect these sea turtles since they nest on nearby beaches to find their way back to the sea. After dark hours are dedicated by ASVO volunteers in patrolling and protecting areas where sea turtle haves laid eggs from poachers that may harm the eggs such as raccoons. Tours are offered in order to witness firsthand how the baby turtles are protected as they nest open in the sand from the eggs and find their way to the ocean to start their new lives. The sea turtles conservation program has shed new light especially for tourists and visitors the importance in preserving this aquatic species and how important it is to protect them.

Interestingly enough the location of the Romelia Reserve is in a transitional place, between dry as well as wet forest land, a unique setting for the evergreen trees, they never lose their leaves. This is characteristic of a humid rainforest and hence a picturesque site indeed. The deciduous tree type also grow in this area and together the Romelia Reserve has about more than 140 different species of trees to observe and be in awe of, some of them going to about 60m high. There is the gorgeous Corteza Amarillo which bursts open to a yellow debacle of flowers blooming in the dry months of April and March.
There is an interesting variety of mammals as well where howler monkeys seem to be predominant. Coyotes, coatis, white faced monkeys and much more dot the forest but the crowning beauty of the Romelia Wildlife Reserve is the great wealth in fauna, the large amount of fish, marine birds, crabs, mollusks and much more found in the shore waters. The reserve is actually a 30 minute walk from happening city of Montezuma, with its exotic beaches and thrilling nightlife.

Location: Montezuma, Puntarenas

Size: 415 acres

Contact: (506) 2686 4967