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Proyecto Lodge – A Blissful Paradise Of Pure Life!

Situated in Montezuma, Costa Rica, the Proyecto Lodge is truly a speciality lodging. It is not just a place to stay during your vacation, it is also a wonderful organization where guests can enrol is classes for Yoga, Spanish, and Surfing, work as a Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) volunteer in the local schools, register for tours, or simply make new friends!

The beachfront location gives the lodge the most incredible views of the glimmering turquoise waves and the gorgeous waves, truly and way better than many luxury hotels. There is a spread of a rich grassy land that makes a lovely garden in front of the lodge. The guests get the best of both worlds with the lodge at a harmonious little distance from the central town of Montezuma as this enables guests to wander into the town to explore shops, restaurants, and a great volleyball court, while back at the lodge the guests will find peace and quiet.

The rooms at the Proyecto Lodge, that are six in total, are spacious, clean, tastefully designed, and furnished with large windows, modest beds, mosquito nets, and other basics. The thing that many guests might find appealing about the lodge is that the rooms are shared amongst guests. However, private rooms are available upon request and are extra money is charged. The lodge rooms are air-conditioned with WiFi throughout the property. The bathrooms have cold showers which are perfect for the hot weather. Mostly, the bathrooms are also shared, but private ones are also available in some rooms.

There are breezy balconies, a well-made patio in the backyard, and a deck on the front. The deck has hammocks and futons for the guests. Here guests can hand out by themselves, chill, and absorb the beauty of the ocean around them as they gaze at the gentle rise and fall of the azure waters. The patio is furnished with a large, wooden, communal table. Here friendships are born, lovers bond, and meals are served. Guests can book for paid meals during their stay. The food is finger-licking delicious, prepared by Proyecto Lodge’s own cook!

The Proyecto Lodge is equipped with a fully-stocked and functional kitchen. Here guests can prepare their own meals, according to their wishes, using the groceries, spices, and herbs they get for the town centre. Nearby the Proyecto Lodge is an excellent restaurant that serves the most well-prepared and tasty Sushi.

The hosts, one of whom is Kerri, a charming lady, always have a smile for the guests on their face. The rest of the staff that operate this dainty little lodge including Kerri are very friendly, laid-back, attentive to the needs of the guests, and greatly helpful with tips, classes, tours, and travel registrations.

A few steps from the lodge guests will find heaven in solitude as they chance upon a natural pools in the rocks. The water in these pools is cool at night and is warmed up by the Costa Rican sun at day. The natural pools are flooded with fresh water every now and then. Guests can relax by these pools, observe, and admire the algae bio-luminescence and marine phosphorescence. For many young lovers this phenomenon will create a very romantic atmosphere underneath the twinkling stars, and sharing this experience together might become one of the most intimate that they can cherish for life. Guests may also take a dip in these rock pools and get the fascinating feel of a soft algae carpet on their bare feet.

The air surrounding the lodge is breezy, and is filled with the mystical melodies of the ocean waves and old secrets of Montezuma. The wind and the sun kiss the beach sands into specks of gold and the worries of all inhabitants into oblivion. The mornings are refreshing and guests wake up to be greeted by all these mesmerizing delicacies, the adorable sounds of the wildlife, and the fragrances of the exotic plants and flowers. It is like a little paradise, a home away from home!

Location : Montezuma Beach, Montezuma, Costa Rica.
Accommodation Type : Lodge; Shared Rooms and Private Rooms
Rooms : 6
Rates : 12 Dollars & Up Per Night
Features : Amazing Ocean Front View, Beach Front View, Green Garden View, Close Proximity To Waterfalls
Amenities : Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Free Parking, Wheelchair Access, Washing Machine, Kitchen, BBQ Grill, Private Rooms, Shared Rooms, Natural Swimming Pools, Secluded Beach, Hammocks and Futons, Large Chill Out Terrace, Adventure Surf and Tour Packages, Yoga and Spanish Lessons
Contact :
Tel : 011 506 8314 0690
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