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Playa Los Cedros

Playa los Cedros between Montezuma and Cabuya - a great point break

Cedros is located about halfway between Montezuma and Cabuya. People in Montezuma think its in Montezuma and vice-versa. Probably it’s a bit closer to Montezuma… a 4-5 minute drive, just past a bridge that has a small waterfall on the right. Look for a large beachfront banyan tree on the left and then park there.

Playa los Cedros is a left-hand point break, with a lot of rocks. Because of the consistent way it breaks, and the soft crumble of its shape, it’s good for beginners, despite the rocks, but prepared to lose a fin out there. Generally the position of the rocks makes them fairly easy to spot and avoid, because the wave itself doesn’t take you onto the rocks when you’re riding, or when you wipe out. But, when you do fall, it’s a good idea to cover your head and try not to go to deep. If you surf here consistently, you’ll scratch a bit of skin off a toe eventually.

Because it’s in the Gulf of Nicoya, Playa los Cedros doesn’t usually get huge waves. It needs a good south swell, and so it’s often overlooked by the expert surfers who will head to other breaks on the Santa Teresa side, or to Cabuya Island. So you can often find it deserted on a medium sized day, and you and your friends can have it to yourself.

Because of the rocks, be sure to be there perhaps 2 hours before or after high tide. At low tide, it’s pure rocks, and fun to walk around looking at the creepy crawlies and a few fish such as puffers that will be among the rocks.

At high tide this is one of the most beautiful beaches around, and good for swimming or looking for beach treasures.

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