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Playa de Los Artistas – Meals With A Hint Of Inspiration!

Located at a distance of hundred metres along the Costa Rican coast, right after the peaceful Montezuma beach, you will reach, either by driving or walking, the wonderful Playa de Los Artistas, a very special restaurant, located on the smooth, silvery sand right in front of the azure ocean. It is owned and managed by the sweet Nicola and Daniela. Nicola and Daniella are talented and leave no stones unturned when it comes to preparing great food, with impeccable hygiene, using the freshest of all organic prodice!

The Tico life, days and nights, and parties, celebrations, shopping malls, and the truly magnificent silvery sandy beaches and many top notch restaurants are an integral part of Montezuma. There is a sweet stretch of sunkissed golden and azure shores which are ideal spots for family picnics, sexy and intimate strolls, sun-soaking, and adventure sports and activities. The ocean is known for its foaming surf breaks, the rising and falling waves, the breezy blows and not to forget activities like kayaking, and boating. Other fun things to do include snorkelling  deep-sea fishing, surfing and much more! When there has been enough adventure, guests need to find peace, relaxation, and warmth in nature’s warm light and lush greenery, At this time Montezuma’s restaurants are at your feet with their unique cuisines.

This restaurant, Playa de Los Artistas, offers Mediterranean cuisine with a great variety of sea food. The recipes are unique and bring out the best taste and flavors. Playa de Los Artistas is no doubt the best Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in this area; and therefore attract assiduous clients from the adjoining places that include Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, and Manzanillo. The menu is ever-changing and is decided by the chef each day based  on the daily catch and the talented Nicola’s creativity and inspiration. Playa de Los Artistas always used fresh ingredients.

The ambience at Playa de Los Artistas  is made up by the avant-garde art pieces, beautiful paintings, soft music, and an amazing view. Indeed, these are as much a part of a perfect meal experience as are the ingredients used. Playa de Los Artistas used to be little house in which Tico lived. It was converted into a restaurant years back and since then it has continuously tantalized the taste-buds of the diners to the point of ecstatic and divine satisfaction.

Playa de Los Artistas is secluded and is like a rare gem within a precious gem. It is on the way to the waterfalls, just like a magical respite. Upon entering, guests will feel wrapped in a serene aura of gentle melodies. The candlelights and the cool ocean breeze is extremely relaxing. Playa de Los Artistas quite literally is the Beach of the Artists. Therefore, get ready to absorb all the artistic creativity this restaurant bursts with. The art work adorns the interior, and the walls, quite tastefully. And the strokes of genius are from all around the globe; Argentina, Brazil, Italy. Playa de Los Artistas  is also has a superb romantic atmosphere with great attention to detail and intimate privacy.

Playa de Los Artistas warmly welcomes couples, families, and friends. The customers are served top-notch food at a great price. The menu at the Playa de Los Artistas  is exciting, diverse, and fresh! The natural, organic, and home-made dishes are superior to many others in town when it comes to taste. The succulent steak, home-made hot bread, delicious array of desserts, wood-oven pizza, fresh fish and lobster, and the sizzling Carpaccio are some of the best disches. Carpaccio is a dish from Rome, hors d’oeuvre, consisting of slim slices of raw fish dripping in ambrosial sauces.

Location : Across the street from Los Mangos hotel, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Hours Of Operation : Closed On Sundays
Cuisine : Mediterranean Cuisine.
Good For: Romantic, Local cuisine, Special Occasion Dining, Great View
Dining Options: Lunch Spot, Dinner, Reservations, After-hours
Specialities : Sea Food; Tuna Tartar, Lobster Carpaccio, Octopus Salad, Shrimps Ceviche
Amenities : Reservations Available, Romantic Setting, Local Cuisine, Special Occasions, Scenic View, Different Menu Each Day
Contact :
Telephone : (506) 2642-0920.
Website :