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Pargo Feliz Hotel-What You Need On A Vacation

Pargo Feliz Hotel is a cozy little hotel located in Montezuma and aimed towards being a part of a well knit community and hence might even seem to some people as an intimate scene in a gorgeous tropical setting. In the torrid earth of Costa Rica, the exotic Montezuma is located on the southern tip of the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Montezuma is said to be an oasis of possible adventures and God’s display of nature at its best. The fertile ground blooms with flowers that tickle your olfactory senses and make you smile despite the kind of day you are having. Tropical birds can be seen flying about, calling out to each other, around the exotic fruit and an incredible amount of lush green vegetation that seems to engulf the whole town. The sky is a turquoise blue and together with the gorgeous green on the ground, the contrast that is made is quite vivid and a treat for the eyes. The aquatic scene is another level of beautiful scenery as the azure blue waves crash against the stark white sand of the beaches and waterfalls can be seen cascading into foam at the mouth of the rivers. Picture all of that and imagine what your stay at the Pargo Feliz Hotel can bring to your vacation; just that extra element of natural beauty that is bound to astound you.

There are 8 available rooms at the Pargo Feliz Hotel with comfortable beds, private baths and clean sheets. The décor is simple but seems to aim for a neutral look which works against the vividness of the tropical surroundings. The rooms have large windows which bring in a lot of sunlight and wash the room in its glow making them seem alive with the excitement of its surroundings. Guests have the choice of opting for single bed, double bed and three bed rooms according to their requirements. The three bed rooms basically come with three single beds and the space is well adjusted considering there are three beds in the room. The accommodations are quite comfortable all in all and combined with the crashing waves nearby, the guests will be easily lulled into a deep, comfortable sleep. Waking up to the sun rising is a rare treat and should be observed first hand if you are staying at the Pargo Feliz Hotel. The ocean front views are spectacular and will leave you awestruck regarding the dazzling beauty of the place.

The grounds at the Pargo Feliz Hotel are well kept and maintained by the hotel staff that is extremely pleasant and helpful. In case of any required information, the staff is ready to help you with all your needs and they have a whole lot of information because of the fact that they are locals and hence know their homeland inside out. Wildlife such as tropical birds, iguanas and even some monkeys can be commonly seen and heard and they add quite the Caribbean tropical element to the place.



Montezuma, Costa Rica


Low Season: $20-$30

High Season: $30-$40


Oceanfront, Wireless Internet, Private Bath, Ceiling Fans, Safe Boxes, Common/Semi-Private Patios, Hammocks


Phone: (506) 2642- 0064

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