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Mariposario Montezuma Gardens- A Heavenly Retreat

Mariposario Montezuma Gardens is a charming B&B located in the ever beautiful Montezuma, which is south of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is incredibly popular as a tourist destination since it is relatively closer to many gorgeous landmarks in Costa Rica such Tortuga Island, Cabo Blanco and the Curu Wild Life Reserve. Montezuma beaches are known for their azure blue waters and soft, sandy white grains beneath your feet. These beaches are the perfect place to observe the sunrise with your loved one, friends or family. The picturesque setting at Mariposario Montezuma Gardens is enough to awe and utterly relax you.

Upon arriving at the Mariposario Montezuma Gardens B&B, you will experience the magic instantly. There is energy in the atmosphere that seems to charge the very soul of the guests. The setting of Mariposario Montezuma Gardens boasts of clear, turquoise skies, azure blue waters, all located in a tropical jungle where you are surrounded with the lush greenness of the wildlife, howler monkeys, a variety of tropical birds and flowers enough to dazzle you, palm and coconut trees; everything that you need to make your stay a comfortable and revitalizing one. To top it all of the Mariposario Montezuma Gardens also has a butterfly garden and on a regular day, up to ten various species of butterflies can be enjoyed. The gardens are fresh, lush and incredibly peaceful where you can simply sit and admire the beauty around you, or go crazy with your camera and/or canvas and brush, whatever suits your whim. Tour guides for the butterfly gardens are available daily from 8am-4pm whereas for the B&B staying guests, the tour is free.

The B&B has four rooms, all charmingly named, designed and color coordinated after a neo-tropical butterfly which makes the whole experience of staying even more authentic. The rooms come with a balcony where you can enjoy the spectacular views, hear the howler monkeys or simply sit and day dream with a mug of coffee. The room décor is quite funky and strongly remind one of the tropical heavens they are staying in. The bright colors and the shades of sunrise and sunset seem to be quite evident. Plant life and tribal masks ornament the rooms giving them an exotic feel. Each room comes with a double bed that helps you enjoy the most satisfying sleep amidst the cool, Caribbean air. Along with that, you can enjoy other amenities such as free Wi-Fi, your own private baths with hot water, a DVD player to curl up and enjoy those movies with your partner, and satellite TV. For the self indulgence lovers, there are fire dancing, Spanish marimba, salsa and meringue classes available nearby.
Your day at Mariposario Montezuma Gardens begins with a wonderful breakfast provided by the hosts that will be sure to create an explosion of flavors on your taste buds. You can also treat yourself to some of the local delicacies, which can be found near the B&B. Be adventurous and try the local Casados, Patacones, Gallo Pinto and the quite famous Batidos. Organic vegetables, and fresh sea food can also be found and you can grill, bake, or fry them to your own convenience. From fine dining to cheap local food, there is something for everyone. Explore the beaches, take surfing lessons, and hike to the nearby ten minute walk to the upper Montezuma waterfalls which is a breath taking sight indeed. The area is indeed a hiker’s paradise and you can even explore the neighborhood via horseback. Water sports, zip lining, shopping and a thrilling night life, there is no end to the activities and entertainment that Montezuma can provide.

Mariposario Montezuma Gardens aim to be your home away from home. Swim, enjoy the sun and comb the sands for seashells; the day is yours to enjoy or relax. For any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to approach the hosts, who will be happy to guide you in any way possible. The wonderful environment, amiable hosts, and a spectacular experience are what make the Mariposario Montezuma Gardens a memory to remember.



Puntarenas, Costa Rica


$45-$90/Night + taxes

Operational Hours:

Sun-Sat 8am-3:30pm, 4-10pm


Wi-Fi, Private Bath, Spectacular balcony views, DVD player, Satellite TV


Phone: (506) 2642 1317