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Mal Pais Surfing

Malpais surfing - waves at sunset reef

Malpais is just south of Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa, on the other side of the Nicoya Peninsula from Montezuma. Malpais is a 30-minute drive from Montezuma.

Malpais is mostly rocky beaches, so isn’t frequented much by serious surfers. However, it has several notable surf breaks:

Sunset Reef is at the far south end of Malpais. Park by the fishermen’s boats and walk around them into the grounds of the abandoned Sunset Reef hotel. This epic hotel was abandoned because it was built illegally on public land, too close to the beach.

Punta Barigona is a smaller wave to the south of the huge rock that juts out into the ocean. This wave is good for beginners and only working at high tide.

Mar Azul is on the other side of the rock from Punta Barigona. Also a high-tide break, it’s a left-hand point and is popular with the surfers who live in Malpais and who prefer to ride here rather than drive to the sandy beaches of Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa to the north.

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