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Luna Llena Hotel – Pura Vida!


Brightly alight by the moon at night, Luna Llena Hotel is perched on top of a thickly forested hill in Montezuma. The expansive rooms afford views of splendid skylines, whimsical tree-tops, serene wavy ocean far below and is encircled by extensive and scenic tropical foliage. Only 200 meters away from the sun-drenched beach of the hip town of Montezuma, Luna Llena Hotel is a popular choice among couples, honeymooners and families looking for a spectacular Costa Rican respite. Relax and tan under the torrid clime, challenge and brave the raging waves, traverse the forests to see the tropic wonders, look for the rare wildlife in the midst of superb jungle and visit the famous Montezuma Waterfalls. At Luna Llena Hotel, assuage while gaining new experiences under deluxe treatments.

Luna Llena Hotel sprawls over luscious grounds scented with the blossoming Ylang-Ylang flowers. The polished gardens sprouts with dozens of exotic fruit trees that attract quite a lot of tropic creatures, especially monkeys who love to have a little taste star fruit, also known as carambola.  Vividly colored butterflies flutter around the flowers’ bloom to sip on the sweet nectar while a group of feathery birds chirrup on a nearby tree. Guests feel as if they have entered a haven of tranquility. Night or day, dawn or dusk, there is a constant buzz of natural milieu that will keep the spirits high and placid. Hotel’s concierge is amiable and will gladly guide and advice you. If you wish, you can book for Montezuma tours and adventures at the hotel with the help of the staff. Guests can go surfing, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, sports-fishing, boating, take trips to Tortuga Island, hiking at Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve Park and so on.

The hotel has a few options of accommodations suiting several budgets. There are eleven rooms with shared bathrooms, one private room and a dormitory shared with other vacationers. The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate one to four people. All the rooms are stocked with ceiling fans, mosquito-nets and in-room safes. There is a fully functional kitchen with a BBQ grill that can be accessed by all the guests. To hang out and socialize, the hotel provides a vast lounge with a cables television, DVD player with a movie collection, book-exchange library, stereo player and a free, high-speed wireless internet. There are five bathrooms in the hotel which have cold and hot showers. Guests are given free towels daily. Room One can host up to four people. It has a double bed and a bunk-bed with a covered balcony. It is rented for 35 dollars per night. Room Two and Four are perfect for solo travelers looking for a jot of inspiration. Write a book or paint a landscape, the sublime view of the waves and greenery from the terrace is certainly inspiring. The rates are 25 dollars per night. For intimate respites, Room Six is idyllic. The private patio opening to the picturesque oceanic views and a plush double bed create a quixotic air. Its rates are 50 dollars per night. Other rooms are similarly designed with occupancy depending upon the arrangement of beds. Their rates range from 25 dollars to 50 dollars. At Luna Llena Hotel, have an affordable and luxurious time of your life in a Costa Rican way.

Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Features: Ocean Views, Beach Views.

Accommodations:  11 Rooms.


Room: Ranges from 25 to 50 dollars per night per person.

Dorm: 10 dollars per night per person.

Amenities: Ocean views, Free wireless internet.


Tel:  (506) 26 42 03 90 f