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Montezuma’s Charming Hotel Horizontes de Montezuma


The Horizontes de Montezuma Nature Hotel and B&B lies in an ideal and serene location on a demure hilltop atop the secluded Nicoya Peninsula. It is a piece of heaven that is surrounded by the jungle and botanical gardens making the location extremely picturesque. It is the perfect escape for all the people out there who wish to have a relaxed and beautiful vacation in a location as ideal as this one. Even though the Horizontes de Montezuma is surrounded by nature on all sides, the good thing is that Montezuma’s thrilling night life, deluxe shopping malls, exotic beaches and divine restaurants are merely minutes away from this little haven. So when you think you have relaxed enough in nature’s warm light and lush greenery, Montezuma’s night life awaits you a few minutes away from the Horizontes de Montezuma.

This Victorian style hotel and B&B rises 150m above sea level in solitary splendor on a hill that makes the entire scene of this location seem like it is right out of some picture book. The fact that it is 150m above sea level ensures that the Horizontes de Montezuma enjoys cool breezes, temperature drops at night and a lack of mosquitoes at all times. This highlights the fact that the Horizontes de Montezuma is intent on keeping their guests comfortable in every sense of the word. The seven guest rooms at the Horizontes de Montezuma are all located on the second floor so as to provide easy access to come and go. All of these rooms come with a private bathroom that has the facility of hot water, ceiling fans, along with a private balcony to enjoy those starry nights. The balcony is decorated with a hammock and rocking chairs and that allows the guest an opportunity to simply sit back and relax and wonder at the heaven they have landed in. Imagine the cool breeze on your face, gently swaying in the hammock back and forth, watching the sunrise or the sunset or simply gazing at the stars with a loved one. You can even enjoy the sounds of the nearby jungle with the howling monkeys and what not. ­The Horizontes de Montezuma at night is truly a sight to behold.

Among the seven rooms, four of them are known as the standard rooms which have a small center. There are 3 rooms with 2 single beds and one room with a double bed. The prices vary for these rooms according to your travel plans. If you wish for accommodation at the Horizontes de Montezuma during high season which is between December and January you may find yourself paying for more than what you would have to pay if you were travelling in the low season which is from May to October. The superior rooms are the large corner rooms where 1 room has a double bed, 1 room has one double bed and 2 single beds and 1 room has 3 single beds. During peak season these rooms can be found to be $75 per night with an addition of 13% for taxes. If you wish to have an extra person in the room then the charge for that is up to $15. All the rooms are quite tastefully decorated with light hues to accentuate the gorgeous light that flows in from the balconies. The furniture in the rooms is all made from local cedar which gives it a nice light brown polish. Other than the rooms, the guests can enjoy the sparkling pool where you can sun bathe or even moon bathe or simply wish upon a star, whatever your strikes your fancy. There is also a half open patio where a scrumptious breakfast can be enjoyed, books to be exchanged in the cozy reading corner or simply enjoy the sun washing the patio. The botanical gardens are also there for those interested in learning about tropical life. Roam around on a whimsical jungle journey where you can discover all kinds of colorful tropical life and what not. the Horizontes de Montezuma is indeed a beautiful place to enjoy Montezuma at its best.



Montezuma, Costa Rica


Standard rooms: $45-$55 + taxes
Superior rooms: $55-$75 + taxes


Botanical Garden, Free parking, Swimming pool, Patio, Free Wi-Fi, Pet Friendly,


Phone: (506) 2642- 0534