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Hotel Casitas Sollevante – A Joy For The Spirit!

Hotel Casitas Sollevante is an absolutely stunning hotel in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Known for its beauty and secluded setting, it is a perfect holiday rental lodge for those seeking peace and quiet in nature. Enveloped in a leafy rim of tropical beauty, adorable wildlife, gorgeous waves swelling and falling, and gushing waterfalls, Casitas Sollevante has undoubtedly the most awe-inspiring aquatic and jungle landscapes. As you travel to Montezuma, book the perfect stay at Casitas Sollevante and enjoy the heart-stirring fructiferous lushness and the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Rica. It has something for everyone at a very reasonable price; whether you are vacationing to experience precious moments of intimacy on your honeymoon, for pure relaxation and romance with your soul mate, for a bit of adventure in serenity with your friends, for quiet time with your self as you nurse a heartbreak, or for quality time with your spouse and children.



Houses :

The classy Hotel Casitas Sollevante, resting upon the majestic hillsides atop the sumptuous Montezuma with a panned view of the cool oceans, is at a distance of one kilometer from the town and beaches. Casistas Sollevante has perfection in neat elegance with plush cottages, outdoor pool, jacuzzi and cultivated grounds.

The accommodation available ranges from apartment houses, and two-bedroom houses, to villas. They are fully furnished and polished, equipped with all the basic necessities and moderately luxurious amenities.


Apartment Houses :

There are a two attractive apartment houses available for booking and each makes a harmonious abode for a total of two people and a child. These houses are two-storied. The upper story has a comfortable double bed whereas downstairs you will find another crisp-sheeted double bed with two snug sofas. The apartment houses are air-conditioned and come with a fully-equipped kitchen, maid service, bathroom with hot water showers, full linens, and a safe box. Additionally there is nice patio downstairs and a airy balcony upstairs where guests can hang out to enjoy the breezy ocean view.


Two-Bedroom Houses :

There are two gracefully spacious two-bedroom houses. One has two double bedrooms while the second one comes with a double bed and two twin beds. They make a stylish shelter for a small to medium sized family or a group of friends. These aesthetically pleasing houses are also air-conditioned and equipped with functional kitchens, full linens, a helpful maid service, bathrooms with hot water showers, and a safe box. The patios are snug with rocking chairs and hammocks for chilling and relaxing.


Villas :

The two splendid villas available for renting by the Hotel Casitas Sollevante beauty house up to at least four adults and two children. While one villa has two double bed rooms, the other has a double bed and two twin beds. The Casitas Sollevante villas are excellently furnished with a tastefully equipped-kitchen, full linens, maid service, a great air-conditioning system, hot water showers in the bathrooms, and a safe box. The patios are alluring, surrounded with wildlife, flowers, shrubs, and herbs for you to gaze as you breathe easy on rocking chairs and lovely hammocks. A great barbecue facility is also present for guests to spend deliciously fun days and nights.


The pure natural beauty and the wildlife that surrounds the Hotel Casistas Sollevante  is a visual pleasure! Soulful bodies of water flowing in close proximity lend a touch of magic to this place. A rich life of animals thrive around and if you’re an adventure enthusiast who would rather spend in the open nature than staying in, anticipate some to wonderful fauna to feast your eyes on.


Hotel Casitas Sollevante has a friendly owner and a helpful staff service that caters to guests throughout their stay. Savour the beauty, come across lovely wildlife, and lose your being in the splendiferous surroundings.

Location : Montezuma, Costa Rica
Features : Ocean Views, Beach Views, Waterfalls, Hills, Tropical Gardens
Accommodation : 2 Apartments, 2 Two-Bedroom houses, 2 Villas.
Rates :
Apartments : 80 to 120 dollars per night.
Two-bedroom Houses : 100 to 150 dollars per night.
Villas : 120 to 180 dollars per night.
Amenities : Free High-Speed Internet, Free Private Parking, Kitchenette, Pets Allowed, Facilities For Disabled Guests, Wheelchair access, Air-Conditioning, BBQ facilities, Concierge service, One Child (Under Fiver Years Of Age) Stays Free Of Charge When Using Existing Beds, Outdoor Swimming Pool With Jacuzzi.
Contact :
Tel : 011 (506) 8849 8569
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