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El Sano Banano Restaurant – A Resplendent Alcove for Meals and Movies!

El Sano Banano Restaurant is right in the heart of the action in the of the tropical town of Montezuma. The patio is lush with trees located in close proximity to the splendid white-sand beaches of Costa Rica in the midst of the town’s most popular recreational spots, restaurants, bars, stores and markets. The dining tables at the El Sano Banano Restaurant have views of the magnificent ocean. The food is diverse, delicious, beautifully presented, and healthy!

The waiting staff at the El Sano Banano Restaurant is very courteous and friendly. The ambience is perfect, reflecting the vibrant, laid-back, carefree lifestyle of Montezuma. While sitting in the restaurants, customers can gaze at the locals of the town going about on their daily lives. The menu is elaborate and has something for everyone, especially for vegetarians. Indeed, El Sano Banano caters with perfection to vegetarians in all of Costa Rica at a very reasonable price. The most popular and favourite items at this classy restaurant are the salads that include the Caesar Salad and the Rainbow Salad. Salads here are served with a great panache that is not available elsewhere over the other Montezumian restaurants. Therefore, when it comes to salads, this lovely restaurant does a great job of satisfying its customers. Breakfast meals are elaborate and tastefully fancy. Breakfast menu includes much more than the regular Omelettes and Coffee.

The El Sano Banano Restaurant  is specially good with Chicken Dishes and Fish Dishes. The Avocado Sandwich and the Tuna Steak Sandwich sizzle with flavour and are as good for children as for adults. Not to forget healthy! The restaurant also has an impressive range of wonderful Vegetarian Dishes, Tex-Mex Dishes, and Costa Rican Dishes. Sushi lovers will not be disappointed here and the Mahi Mahi is a mark of excellence! A must for all who eat at the El Sano Banano are the Buddha Burrito, the delectable Quesadillas, and the mouth-watering Traditional Black Bean Soup. All the dishes are made from fresh organic produce, and therefore are really healthy. This place is a favorite amongst the vegetarian locals and tourists as El Sano Banano has the most extensive and diverse menu when it comes to veggies and greens.

For small meals El Sano Banano serves Nachos slathered in cheese, ambrosial Veggie Fajitas with Fried Tortilla Cups With Beans, Salsa, and Guacamole, servings of Rice. For lunch, a plate Tostada is a great choice. Other items on the menu worth mentioning are Spaghetti with Spinach, Mushrooms and avocado in cream sauce, and Vegetarian Casados. For desserts, guests will find a fanciful menu, the best of which are the Pies, the French Toast, and the fresh Fruits. The Passion-Fruit Juice is a divine drink. The El Sano Banano also hosts nightly movies on a big screen, this is great for travellers. The big television screen is also used to football viewings. The movie of the night is posted outside the hotel daily. This is the one thing that sets El Sano Banano Restaurant apart from all others in the town. Here, the most vivacious of backpackers and tourists can gather, bond, cheer, and indulge in a night of great entertainment.

Known for its amazing and exotic wildlife, glorious, silvery beaches, and verdant tropical jungles that are bursting with life and the sublime beauty of the cascading waterfalls, Montezuma attracts a wide range of tourists from all around the globe. The town has a hip Bohemian air about it and the twilight show a most animated scene of vibrant night-life, parties, fun, and amazing adventures. Vacationers who are looking for a modest and cosy meal time after hours of fun in the sun, water-sports, sight-seeing, and tropical exploration, will find the classy El Sano Banano to be the perfect restaurant pulsating with life in the very heart of this town.

Location :  Across from the Park, Next to the Supermarket, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Price Range : 4 to 15 dollars
Cuisine : Vegetarian, International, Café, Organic
Good For: Families, Couples, Friends, Local cuisine, Special Occasion Dining, View, Entertaining Clients
Dining Options: Breakfast, Brunch, Reservations
Specialities : Fish, Fruit Smoothies, Frozen Yoghurt Creations, Espresso Drinks, Mocha Chillers
Amenities : Outdoor Back Patio, View Of Montezuma Life, Nightly Movies On Giant Screen.
Contact :
Telephone : Not Available
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