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Del Mar Surf Camp


Del Mar Surf Camp is a luxury surf camp in Costa Rica that has been in business for over nine years. The successful surf camp has been teaching surfing in a merry pura vida style that ensures the enjoyment of the guests and updates their surfing skills into a new level.  Del Mar Surf Camp is located in two sites in central pacific coast of Costa Rica; Playa Hermosa in Jaco which is a charmingly simple town surrounded by magnificent mountains, ocean tides and several cool spots and in Playa Nosara in Guanacaste, a mellow, tropic town that has an artistic and country-like ambience. Both the camp sites are supremely created and supply guests with a perfect opportunity to learn excellent surfing and offer a chance to get to know Costa Rica’s hip, bohemian culture. Besides superb activities, guests can relax and placate by practicing yoga, receiving invigorating massages and live in comfortable and elegant lodges fronted by an immaculate panorama of infinite blue.

Del Mar Surf Camp’s main pursuit is surfing. This is why the camp’s locations are considered the best. There is quite a good number of beaches, reef breaks and surf spots in Playa Hermosa such as Caldera, Jaco, Hermosa, Esterillos, Rosa Loca, Escondida and Quepos. The surf points have great billowing tides that are continuously monitored, and offer a good play for surfers, both experts and newbies. In Playa Nosara, beach breaks are Playa Camaronal, Playa Marbella, Playa Ostionol, Avellanas and Playa Negra. The lagoon bordering the shores has profuse barreling tides that provide excellent competition between the waves and the surfers. The surf lessons are highly exclusive. The instructor only teaches 2 students at a time and this is one of the main reasons, the guest become so keen on surfing. Other than surfing, Del Mar Surf Camps also succeeds in arranging fun tours to jungles, ATV tours, kayaking. Canoeing, horseback riding, stand up paddling, wildlife viewing, and several more. The vacationers of Del Mar Surf Camp are given a chance to learn Spanish in a matter of days. To stay healthy and fit, take Pilates with a small group and do some fitness training. Attain inner peace and calmness by practising yoga in a studio located in front of the vast ocean. For more leisure and luxury, go to a spa and receive full body massages that will definitely energize you.

For accommodations there are spacious and luxurious condos and a beach-front house furnished with amenities. In Playa Nosara, Cafe de Paris has private and shared suites offered to guests who have a Beginner/Intermediate surf package. For Advanced surf package, Villa Tortuga Beach-front Home is a perfect lodging that can host up to 3 people. In Playa Hermosa, Hotel Club Del Mar situated in South Jaco is given to vacationers Beginner/Intermediate surf packages while Tortuga Dal Mar is provided to those with advanced surf package. Luxury ocean-front condominiums can be rented to anyone or a group of more than 3 people.


Location: Playa Hermosa in Jaco and Playa Nosara in Guanacaste, Central Pacific Coast, Costa Rica.

Features: Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat, Luxury Beach-front Accommodations, Exclusive Activities.


One bedroom condos

Two bedroom condos

Beach houses


Costs of Packages:

7 Nights at Beginner/Intermediate Surf Camp           

Double           $1250 per person

Single            $1650 per person

7 Nights        Family Surf Package        

$1500 per person

7 Nights        Advanced Surf Package 

Double           $1550 per person

Single            $1950 per person



Phone Number:  +506 2643-3197



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