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Cabinas Linda Vista – The Perfect View From Your Lodge!

The classy Cabinas Linda Vista hotel is situated close to the Playa Montezuma and is famous for the beautiful panoramic views it offers from the the windows of its rental lodges. The all-embracing views of the resplendent cerulean beaches, the awe-inspiring Nicoya Peninsula, the flourishing flora and wildlife, and the sweeping green hills bring one as close to the Earth’s heart-stirring beauty as one can get. Cabinas Linda Vista offers a serene atmosphere set against immense pulchritude which forms the perfect ambience for a relaxing vacation.

This hotel appeals guests with its wide range of rental lodges to pick from. The rental cabins and lodges at the Cabinas Linda Vista are delectable and clean, furnished excellently and equipped fully with all essentials.
The Cabinas Linda Vista, an assortment of rental rooms, cabins, and spacious houses is owned and run by the lovely Tico family for the past three decades. The hosts are warm, accommodating, and attentive to the needs and desires of all their guests. They provide a service so fantastic that the guests staying at the Cabinas Linda Vista feel at home.

The bedrooms are snug and great attention is given to cleanliness, crisp bedsheets, and design. There are comfortable queen-sized beds for guests to get a good night’s sleep. The private bathroom have hot water running through all the taps and electric showers. There are also facilities such as air conditioner, TV, polished furniture, fully-stocked and functional kitchen, an outdoor swimming pool, and safe parking for all guests. The views from the decks are great and guests can chill in the hammock.

Linda Vista is nestled richly in nature. Exotic plants of countless shapes, sizes, colours, and fragrances surround the property. From colourful butterflies flitting and hummingbirds flapping to towering palm trees and fresh fruit including coconuts, limes, bananas, and grapefruit growing right in your backyard, your abode will open your heart and give you a wonderful new perspective of life. Guests will also find the howls of the wild howler monkeys very entertaining.

For guests that like to wander, downhill from hotel they can find the best of Montezuma’s restaurants to choose from. The food is prepared with care and is the most delicious found in town. Some of the favourite selections that most travellers love are Pizzeria L’Angolo Allegro, Cocolores, and Playa de Los Artistas. Cocolores is especially popluar amongst lovers and honeymooners for their excellent candlelight dinner atmosphere and the divinely delicious meals.

The swimming pool in Cabinas Linda Vista is positioned superbly with spectacular views of the of the sky and ocean! Guest can swim in sunlight or lazily float at night gazing at the twinkling stars. This hotel is all about perfect views and the vistas at the swimming pool is also one of the very best!

From touring the gorgeous waterfalls, snorkelling in the deep blue sea, surfing above the foaming waves, riding a horse, taking a thrilling plunge from the jungle into the river, and exploring the peninsula in a rented quad, the opportunities for fun, soul-seeking, and adventures are endless.

The Cabinas Linda Vista is the perfect vacation spot for a wonderfully modest price. Families, friends, lovers, and solo-goers are all booking themselves in for a superbly unforgettable experience when they make a reservation for staying in this hotel. From exploring the vibrant and heavenly beauties of Montezuma, Costa Rica, to coming across exotically pristine flora and fauna, guests will not go a day without discovering pleasant surprises all around them.

Location : Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Accommodation Type : Cabin/ Campground/ Caravan Site

Rooms : 12

Rates : Variable; High Season (December – April) , Low Season (May – November)

Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 (Up to 4 People)
75 dollars per night (High Season)
45 dollars per night (Low Season)

House 10, Poolside (Up to 2 People)
90 dollars per night (High Season)
75 dollars per night (Low Season)

Houses 11, 12 (Up to 8 People)
150 dollars per night (High Season)
100 dollars per night (Low Season)

Cabinas 5, 6, 9 (Long Term)
300 dollars per month

Cabinas 7, 8 (Long Term)
500 dollars per month

Features : Panoramic Views from all rooms; Ocean view, Beach view, Nicoya Peninsula view, Jungle view.

Amenities : Bar/ Lounge, Beach, Free Breakfast, Free High-Speed Internet WiFi, Free Safe Parking, Activities for Kids, Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Room Service, Swimming Pool, Wheelchair Access

Contact :

Tel : ( 506 ) 2642-0104

Website :