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Bar Restaurante Moctezuma – A Delicious Meal Right On The Beach


Hotel Moctezuma is a cozy, budget-hotel with located in the central part of the tropic town of Montezuma. The hotel is surrounded by luscious, immaculate gardens, vibrant rain forests teeming with wildlife, an intense deep sea with raging waves that constantly roll on to the shores, a superb cluster of sun-soaked beaches and a diverse wildlife. Roaring yet tranquil notes of billowing waves that charge towards the bay in along with melodious twitter of the birds and enchanting chorus of the night creatures ultimately create a sense of serenity and calmness. Hotel Moctezuma is standing only a few minutes walk away from the sandy, warm beach of Montezuma. Offering a wide range of activities, the beach happens to be a very important part of a vacation. Thus, with its closeness to the beaches, Hotel Moctezuma provides its vacationers with many great options of braving the waves, snorkeling, body-surfing, boogie-boarding, deep-sea fishing, boasting and wildlife viewing.  

Hotel Moctezuma has a bar and a restaurant called Bar Restaurante Moctezuma. It has been known to serve the ‘coldest beer ever’.  What’s better than a chilled glass of amazing beer on a hot, sunny day of Costa Rica? One glass will surely revivify you. Other than beers, you can try out a drink made from fresh fruits, or sip on a glass of cocktails, margaritas or mojitos.  The views of glimmering beaches are unbeatable. Have a fresh dish of well-seasoned ceviche or have a platter of mussels with tomato sauce while looking over the dancing waves and succumb into a Costa Rican tropical charm. To stay fit and healthy, have a crispy salad of tomatoes, avocados and raw green vegetables. The restaurant’s Chicken Curry served with rice, beans and a salad is known to be quite fantastic. For a sweet taste, have a hot, buttery Crepe with whipped cream or strawberry sauce. Bar Restaurante undoubtedly has one of the best beach views in Montezuma. Enjoy your meals while watching the waves. 

Since its inception, Hotel Moctezuma has been owned by a family. The owners and the hotel’s concierge are cordial and will gladly guide the guests. Although, the hotel is not everyone’s cup of tea, it has a reasonable, convenient service without any luxurious frills, also its sea-side location seems to lure numerous tourists. Hotel Moctezuma is in close proximity to several of the beaches. Montezuma Beach is a short stride away from the hotel. Guests can head over there to catch some dosage of sunny clime whenever they desire. The beach has a perfect set of waves for body-surfing and the right amount of sunshine for a great tan. Be sure to apply some sun-screen before you go sun-bathing or you might get a bad sun-burn. The other beach, Playa Grande, is a vast, beautiful beach. It is considered to be excellent for surfing, both for starters and pros. On a lucky day, you may catch a glimpse of turtles protecting their eggs and baby crabs weaving some bizarre pattern on sand. Playa Los Cedros is another great beach for surfing the tides. If you prefer to snorkel, then Playa Las Manchas is a beach to be! 


Location: 1st Floor, Hotel Moctezuma, Montezuma, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Cuisines: Seafood, Costa Rican Dishes, Beers and Drinks.

Good For: Families with kids, couples, groups of friends, business meetings, special occasions, entertaining clients.

Dining options: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Takeout, Beverages, and Desserts.


Telephone: 506-2642-0058



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