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Anamaya Resort’s Soul Surfer Retreat

Anamaya Resort is built on the edge of a cliff, which overlooks the dazzling blue ocean making the entire scene incredibly picturesque. The resort is located merely a few steps away from some of the most magnificent waterfalls, and rainforests. The resort is located in one of the world’s most beautiful places as well, where the place gets its name. Anamaya is Sanskrit for good health and that is exactly what the resort builds up upon.

The Anamaya Resort Center offers training programs in yoga, and surfing along with services like organic gourmet food prepared with the utmost care and detail, luxurious spa retreats, workshops and all kinds of classes dedicated to treating the mind, body and soul. Uplifting the spirit is something that the Anamaya Resort Center takes and commits to with full dedication and once you arrive, your very soul will feel refreshed. In terms of entertainment, there are fire dancers, circus performers, and unique local talents along with intimate, cozy and serene accommodations to make sure your time at the resort is one that will be truly memorable. The resort owners aim to enhance the experience of Costa Rica in their humble abode and make sure the needs of their visitors don’t go unnoticed.

Located only 25 minutes away from the hub dub of Malpais, the Anamaya Resort Center situated on the Nicoya Peninsula is said to be in the Blue Zone which you can experience firsthand. Author Dan Buettner has deemed this peninsula one of the five places in the world under the Blue Zone where people seem to live the longest and healthiest lives. At the moment of your arrival, you will feel the magic of the place and it will be sure to lure you in with its exotic aroma that hangs thick in the air. The place almost seems like a secret garden where you can discover new things and give new meaning to life through the relaxation of yoga.

It is no secret at all the Costa Rica is known to be a hotbed when it comes to surfing and yoga. The Anamaya Resort’s Soul Surfer Retreat aims to be a combination of both and brings to you, the best of both worlds. The retreat is meant for people who want to learn how to surf and are complete beginners, interested enough to take the next step. Advanced level surfers can also enjoy this retreat since this is an opportunity for them to take their skills to a new level. Instructors at the Soul Surfer retreat accommodate learners individually and modify the lessons needed accordingly to the requirements so that each learner builds up his/her own pace.

Not only is the retreat a powerful mix of crashing waves and flying with the ocean beneath your feet, but you can also enjoy daily sessions of yoga, which help enhance your strength and flexibility. Surfers are known to practice yoga in order to prevent injuries and increase the amount of stamina they have; hence the Soul Surfer retreat combines the two to give you the best.

Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica

Contact: (506) 2642 1289

Website: Click Here for Anamaya Surf Camp and Yoga Resort